August 27, 2009
As much as we mock everything, we do like you guys.  In fact, we like you so much, we want you.  Real bad.  For your talents.  
If you write, draw, photograph or have any other spectacular talent that we can expound upon for our own use, shoot us an e-mail!  
If you are interested in joining this glamorous lifestyle, we’re having a meeting Thursday Sept. 3rd at 8:00 in the DUC.  Get a shirt and food.  
Miscellaneous Thoughts
Feb 23, 2009
Could be a joke.  Could be an obscure finding from a weird Wikipedia entry.  Either way, it’s gonna be interesting.  
Do you have anything you’d like to see posted?  Is it something you are bursting to share?  So funny you peed your pants??  Well hey!  email us!  spoke@emory.edu
Topic to think on:
Feb 17, 2009
Giraffe’s are of the world’s most awkward creatures.  Though if one had lived within a mile of the campus, rest assured IT would have been lead to the top floor of Seney, instead of a zebra.
August 27, 2009
Orientation Issue is out!!  Go to the DUC, COX, WoodPEC, Math-Sci, Library...some other places...and read it!  Then be on the lookout for an upcoming Weekly Flush.  
Feb 26, 2009
Our Rezidence Life and Housing ads are out! Find them posted in bathrooms, in newsstands all over campus, and in public posting areas.
Feb 23, 2009
Is coming!!  And it’s gonna be great!  So great that it’s BREAKING!! (everything)
Something Interesting:
Feb 17, 2009
Will eventually go here.  Breaking stories...what have you.
August 27, 2009
Alas, long awaited...  Our orientation issue is out!  Floating somewhere...  if you are lucky you will find it.  Or you could check out the stands at a few buildings on campus.  The DUC for starters.  
Anyway.  Yes, orientation issue.  Another “Guide to Campus” to add to the growing collection--and yes, The Wheel got their idea for an orientation issue from us.  They even tried to be funny.  Unfortunately they have censors--and standards.  
Web version coming soon.  Keep your damn shorts on.  No, really, keep them on.  ...For real, put them back on.
Okay, now you are just being gross.  
Oh, and PS, we have T-shirts.  We look like hot shit in them.  If you see us around campus with them on, tell us we look like hot shit.  Do you want to look like hot shit?  You know you do.  Since you do, and you are interested in working with us, come to a meeting on Thursday Sept. 3rd at 8:00 in the DUC to help us spread creative juices...eat some food and get a shirt.  
July 18, 2009
So, if even after you’ve picked up a hard copy of The National Spokographic but you still can’t seem to get your fix...IT’S ONLINE!  Awesome, we know.  In fact, stored forever on our relentless servers as GIFs so you can even save a page as a background...or something like it.  Check it out!
Of course, if you just HAVE to download something today, click here for a PDF.
May 1, 2009
Check out our MAGAZINE!  The National Spokographic, available at a newsstand near you.  
Chock full of mildly offensive, but always funny parody adds and scientific reports of those on and around campus it’s sure to be a hoot, and certainly worth the read!
If you are stressed before finals or worried your teacher will hate you forever, turn in an issue of The National Spokographic with your final (paper, test, project..) and it’s a guaranteed A.  
Check out the new issue of the Weekly Flush!
Weekly Flush Issue 4
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